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myKloud - Controlling your privacy is not a privilege - World's first Decentralized Data Privacy Solution on a mission of protecting Digital Rights of email users in a Decentralized way! Highest level of Email Security, Privacy, Encryption, and Prevention from email attacks with 4th generation Blockchain.

myKloud Product Launch

Controlling your privacy is not a privilege - it's a right. myKloud provides the right tools to own your data. 


  • Secure Email service powered by Web3 technologies where messages and attachments are encrypted end-to-end and stored on the myKloud decentralized network
  • Integrates quickly and seamlessly with any mail client you’re currently using including Outlook and Apple Mail
  • And for extra security, you can use our native client on Android & Web


  • 100% secure password manager with hassle-free integration that is also encrypted end-to-end, and stored on the myKloud decentralized network
  • Easy to use on desktop or mobile where you can store and retrieve passwords and credit card information saved for any service


  • Any files, notes, pictures, or videos that are stored in your Kfiles folder are decentralized and encrypted end-to-end and cannot ever be seen by anyone, including us
  • Can work separately or in conjunction with your other cloud storage services to provide a safely encrypted folder that forever protects your most important files

Why are the current tools no longer working for users?

No Trust

The big players have proven that users are often viewed purely as a source to gather, trap and monetize information, quite literally at the users’ expense.

No Protection

Messages and files may be encrypted in transit, but companies can peruse, analyze, and leverage that information and remain susceptible to hacking.

No Control

Centralized services give all the power to the owners of the network who have full access to your data for customer profiling, ad targeting, and 3rd party reselling.

No peace of mind

We never truly know where our most sensitive personal information and most precious digital files are being shared or traded on the web or dark web.

myKloud Pillars

We use the following pillars to guide us in everything we do at myKloud and they are ingrained in our culture and mission

  • Security is our job zero
  • Decentralize everything
  • Do the right thing for the customer
  • Lead by example
  • Nobody, including us, should have access to user data
  • Encrypt everything
  • Everything fails all the time – design to scale


myKloud finally lets you decide what parts of your current and future digital life you want totally protected from ever being viewed and analyzed by the app owner themselves or by third parties.

Simply download and install the myKloud app to your desktop or mobile device to access a suite of easily installed tools that can guarantee total privacy protection.


In short, message contents are encrypted, attachments are encrypted, emails in transit are encrypted, and data and files in storage are encrypted – giving you total peace of mind that your private life remains private.

The myKloud suite leverages Web3 and decentralized technologies that ensure your private data will never be misused or lost by service providers, appear anywhere online, or sold on the dark web.



Integrates quickly and seamlessly with any mail client you’re currently using, including Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail, so that you can send messages with confidence.

The full suite of myKloud tools includes applications to protect your passwords further, notes, files, pics, videos, and confidential information, all installed with just a couple of clicks.

The following are some examples of personal data and files you should always want to keep private and secure:

myKloud gives you the power to finally control how the web sees you

Launching first with Kmail, Kpass, and Kfiles, and then into much more…

Klub doors open in :


So why choose myKloud?


  • We simplify the complex barriers to adopting blockchain technologies so that even your grandmother can get herself on board
  • Easy one-click installation of myKloud into web and mobile applications running on any operating system


  • Decentralized environments are safer by their general nature against being hacked, infiltrated, acquired, bankrupted or otherwise compromised.
  • myKloud’s decentralized blockchain platform means that your messages and files are truly personal, and not even our team can see or share them.


  • With mKloud you can easily transition first to our secure email service and gain the peace-of-mind that your all your communications are safe and secret
  • Further increase protection of your online life with our full suite of data privacy products that can guarantee security of your most important data and files today and in the future

Don’t leave your privacy to chance

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Klub Leaders

The myKloud team is a diverse group of technical and executive experts who are leaders in their fields and driven to create the world’s most secure full-suite data privacy platform.

Mohamed Kiswani


Founder & CEO

Ibrahim salem

Ibrahim Salem

Co-Founder & CTO

Khaled Najjar​

Khaled Najjar

Software Development Manager

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